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First Aid & CPR Courses / Training

Yes! First Aid Connect is proud to be a Canadian Red Cross & Heart and Stroke foundation of Canada training partner. All of the courses we offer are certified through these wonderful organizations, recognized nationally, and meet all WSIB / provincial guidelines.
Certification length depends on the type of training you are certified for.

First Aid & CPR certifications are valid for 3 years from the date of training.
BLS Provider certifications are valid for 1 year from the date of training.
ACLS/PALS Provider certifications are valid for 2 years from the date of training.
Blended learning is a combination of in-class, face to face instruction with an online portion done before hand. The online portion is self paced and covers the knowledge aspects of the course while the in-class training portion covers the skills required to achieve your certification. When registering for a course, you are choosing your in-person date. The online portion must be completed by the participant prior to their in-person training date. If you have any questions regarding our blended training, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Emergency First Aid & CPR is a shorter and more introductory course compared to Standard First Aid & CPR. Our Emergency First Standard First Aid Courses covers our basic / introductory First Aid. The Standard First Aid & CPR course is our highest level of Canadian Red Cross training, and it covers First Aid in a comprehensive matter dealing with emergencies ranging from poisons to environmental emergencies.
The length of each course varies depending on the level of training you choose to register for. Each course will have an estimated length on the registration page. Please keep in mind that the online portions for blended training must be completed before the in-person training and that the time required for it varies based on the participant.
Our bloodborne pathogen training course is an online training module done through the Canadian Red Cross. The training is designed for individuals who may be exposed to blood and body guides or items contaminated with blood during the performance of their work and who wish to gain a basic understanding of bloodborne pathogens. Common bloodborne pathogens include: Hepatitis B (HBV), Hepatitis C (HCV), Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

Recertification Training

Your Canadian Red Cross training certifications are valid for 3 years from the original in-person training course date. Within the 3 years of certification, taking a recertification course will extend your certificate for an addition three years. For example: Nas took his Standard First Aid & CPR / AED Level C training course May 17th, 2020. This certificate expires May 17th, 2023. He takes a recertification course on May 16th 2023, saving money and time in addition to the new expiry date of May 16th 2026.
Your recertification period depends on the type of training taken. BLS Provider certifications are valid for 1 year. ACLS / PALS Provider certifications are valid for 2 years.

Red Cross Online Courses

Once you register for a blended course, you will receive an email sent by the Canadian Red Cross from: my.account@redcross.caThis email will have the subject: Action Required: Register for your new Red Cross AccountPlease follow the instructions within the email to sign up for your account and access your online training. If you have not received the email please reach out to us at or 613 963 0222.
Please visit:
Sign into your Red Cross account
Navigate to ‘My Profile’ -> ‘My Online Courses’
Your list of courses will be presented to you with the option of both English and French training.
Once your full course is completed (both the online and in-person training), a PDF copy of your certification will be sent to you via email. It will be from the Canadian Red Cross. In addition, you are able to access your certificate anytime from your Red Cross account.
The online training is a required pre-requisite for the in-person training. Students without their online training completed will not be permitted to attend their in-person training.

Other frequently asked questions

Yes, all of our training is provided through the Canadian Red Cross training programs. First Aid Connect is a Canadian Red Cross training partner so all of our courses meet the WSIB guidelines for workplace First Aid & CPR / AED training.
Yes, we do offer group or private training based on the size of the group. We offer off-site training where one of our instructors visits your workplace / space or on-site training where your group can come attend a private course at one of our training facilities. Please reach out to us via the contact us business form for more information.
Your certificate will be emailed to you by the Canadian Red Cross within 3 business days after you have completed your in-class training. All Canadian Red Cross training certifications are provided digitally via the email provided on your registration.
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