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Online First Aid & CPR Training in Ottawa (Level C)

Online First Aid & CPR Training in Ottawa (Level C)

Unfortunately, 100% online courses are not recognized by the WSIB (Workplace Safety Insurance Board) and therefore not accepted / recognized in Ontario. If you’re looking for a convenient way to do your First Aid & CPR / AED Level C Training, feel free to read below to learn more about our blended training, a new way to do your training both online and in person.

The ​​International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement was started in 1863, over 150 years ago! Since then, the Red Cross and the training it provides has come a long way. Fast forward to today and we have a plethora of ways available for you to take your First Aid and CPR Level C training.

The newest addition to our class offerings are Blended First Aid & CPR courses. Blended classes merge online theoretical learning with practical, in-person sessions. This is a comprehensive and adaptable way to learn First Aid skills that allows participants to learn at their own pace. Once the online portion is completed, the participant then completes the skills under the supervision of our trained instructors. Blended courses are a blend of online and in-person skills at one of our training facilities. For more information or to register, check out our blended Standard First Aid & CPR / AED Level C courses or CPR / AED Level C courses here.

The Benefits of Blended Learning in First Aid and CPR

Blended learning caters to diverse learning styles, offering the flexibility of online modules complemented by the irreplaceable value of hands-on practice. This dual approach ensures a deeper understanding, better retention, and real-world application of first aid and CPR techniques. It's particularly beneficial for those needing to balance learning with other commitments, as the online component offers self-paced study. The online component saves from where you left off, so you can easily complete it over time as long as it’s done before the in-person training date!

Understanding Online First Aid & CPR Training

Online training can provide foundational knowledge and theoretical understanding, covering topics like CPR steps, emergency response protocols, and first aid for various injuries. However, its limitation lies in the absence of physical practice, which is essential for developing confidence and proficiency in executing these skills under pressure. A fully online course is not currently offered by the Canadian Red Cross or First Aid Connect as it is not recognized by the WSIB (Workplace Safety Insurance Board) in Ontario or Ottawa. Instead, we offer it as a blended course to have the best of both worlds! The flexibility of online training, and the benefit of hands-on practice.

The Importance of Hands-On Practice in First Aid

Practical training is invaluable. It allows learners to physically practice techniques like bandaging life-threatening wounds, dealing with choking emergencies, and how to do CPR. The in-person environment allows direct feedback from instructors, ensuring techniques are performed correctly and effectively, which is a crucial aspect that online training alone cannot offer. In-class sessions also provide a time and space for participants to go over any questions or clarifications needed from the instructor. Our instructors do their best through many years of experience to provide a captivating, educational, yet engaging training session.

Success Stories: How Blended Training Made a Difference

Many of our students deal with feelings of anxiety when it comes to training courses. For many participants, it may have been a long time since their last class, or maybe the content can be heavy to digest. Online training helps ease students into training at their own pace, equipping them with knowledge and tools for a successful in-person session. The best part is that any questions or concerns that come up during the online training can be answered during the in-person session with our instructors!

Choosing the Right Blended First Aid & CPR Course

Currently, you can choose from two options for Blended First Aid & CPR / AED Level C Training.

Both of our blended courses are taught by Canadian Red Cross-approved instructors, follow the Red Cross and WSIB curriculum, and are valid certifications for 3 years!

Getting Started with Blended First Aid & CPR Training

Getting started is as easy as checking out which course works for you, signing up for one of our training dates (in the East or West sides of Ottawa), and following the instructions sent to your email! If you have any comments or concerns feel free to contact us with help registering! Can reach out to us via our contact page here.


While the idea of purely online training is appealing to many people, it’s unfortunately not a feasible way to train something as important as first aid & CPR. Blended training is a good middle ground that offers the convenience of online training and the efficiency of in-person training as well. All courses are provided through the Canadian Red Cross and recognized by the WSIB for 3 years as of the training date! Don’t hesitate to register with us for your first aid & cpr training today!

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